Monday, September 6, 2010

Free Peaches

Today my husband and I went to our church owned peach orchard to pick peaches because they are being offered for free.  Apparently, it was a bumper crop this year, and they couldn't process any more through our local cannery.  There are millions of peaches just hanging on the trees.  Some are a little too ripe now, but there are many more that are ready for canning.  There were hundreds of families out picking this morning on Labor Day.  We came home with five bushels.  Now I must get busy and bottle them before they spoil.  I will take some to friends and neighbors first.  Thank goodness I have plenty of canning jars because when I went to buy more lids at WalMart, they didn't have any more quart jars in the two stores I tried.  They did have quart lids, however, but the wide mouth lids were all sold out in the first store.  This goes to show that it is important to keep a good supply of canning lids and supplies on hand to use in case of emergency; i.e., a  power shortage necessitating processing of meats in the freezer or a sudden surplus of food to be stored.

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