Monday, September 19, 2011

What I'm Doing and Why I'm Doing It.

This past summer I came to the realization that my retirement funds will probably not last me until I die as long as I feel so strongly the need to financially assist my grandchildren along the path to independence.  I still want to do some traveling while my health is good, so I explored some possibilities for generating increased cash flow.  I found a company, My GenOnline, which would allow me to run a small affiliate marketing business from my home using online marketing.

I selected three marketing areas that interested me and which I thought  my friends and family could use to purchase some things they might need.  I can earn commissions based on what my customers purchase through my website at www. mygenonline. com/jwalrath.  To log on just use jwalrath for user ID and jwalrath for password.  This provides access to my three sites.

Have you ever booked travel arrangements online?  My site offers several affiliates for making travel arrangements online:  Orbitz, Hot Wire, Cheap Tickets, and Travel-Ticker.  Prices are very competitive.

Have you ever shopped for presents for your family (grandkids and kids) online?  It is wonderful!  No more driving across town to the mall to shop, wrap and mail presents to them.  Just select a store from many offered on my site and have them mail the gifts directly to your loved one!  My site offers Walmart, Macy's, Office Depot, Petsmart, World of Beauty, Nokia, Hanes, Footlocker, Time Life Music & Video, and several others.  I can even shop for my glasses and contacts online at Pearl Vision, Lens Crafters, and Sears.  I can also buy a $50 eye exam from many doctors in my location.  Prices are generally lower than in the stores, and you won't have to pay for gas and parking.

Do you have need of health insurance at competitive rates?  One of my sites offers coverage as low as  49.95 a month.  The companies offered are:  Select Health, Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, and Altius Health Plans.

It will take some time for my name to become known and my sites to become recognized through key words which my advertising counselor is providing on the internet.  Therefore, I wanted to let all my family and friends know about it also.  Word of mouth is one of the best advertisements there is.  It is my hope that  you might consider purchasing what you may need once in awhile on my site and pass the word along to your friends.   This would help greatly to get me started in my new online business.  I am so excited about it.

Here is my family in Hawaii that sparked my interest in developing more income in my retirement years. The grandson at center back, is leaving next month to serve a two-year self-supported volunteer mission for his church.  I would like to contribute to this worthy cause financially.  I also have four other grandchildren currently serving missions right now and one in college and would like to help them also.

We loved Hawaii and the wonderful people who befriended us while we were there.  Our Hawaiian friend, Geno, taught us to paddle board and entertained us with beautiful home made Hawaiian music.  It was sure fun!  I hope people enjoyed this blog.