Monday, October 18, 2010

On Site Painting of Navajo Lake

On our return trip from Escalante on our little trailer's maiden voyage, we stopped at this lovely lake near the Duck Creek campground where we stayed the previous night.   I had Chuck park the trailer on the road at the end of the long reservoir, called Navajo Lake.  While he waited in the cab of the truck listening to radio talk shows and napping, I sat in the trailer at the dinette table looking out the window which perfectly framed this lovely Fall scenery.  It took me about two hours to complete.  I am out of practice doing water color.  I have to really be inspired to work up enough energy and discipline to paint these days.  I guess I just need to plan on a regular time to do it and avoid letting things get in the way of that time.  I truly love to paint landscapes.  It releases tension and stress and is quite enjoyable, once I settle down and just do it.


  1. Growing up, my family didn't do much camping. But Navajo lake is one of the few places that we did go. :)

  2. If I could paint the landscapes I love, I would be truly happy. Yes, you should practice that talent.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement. Yes, it does make me happy to paint the scenery I love. It does take time and energy to do, however. I guess anything worthwhile take effort.